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Start-up Business Consulting Services

Starting a business from an idea could be the beginning of something amazing! It takes planning, preparation and a lot of hard work (and sleepless nights). It can be challenging. And scary. It takes perseverance, focus and it takes time. But, growing a successful business is very rewarding. Our tailored start-up business consulting services can help you find a quicker path for your business to succeed!


Start-up and Incubation

It is very tough for entrepreneurs to get started with their “big ideas”. Having seen a lot of start-ups failing and lose precious seed capital we have designed a number of start-up business consulting services to support you through the entrepreneurial process, helping to increase the survival rates for innovative start-up companies who become our customers. We will only deal with start-ups that we believe in and support only those entrepreneurs with feasible projects where they will be offered a bespoke menu of support resources and services.


Protection and Commercialisation of IP

Often (however, not always) – it is important to protect and commercialise the IP in an early-stage growth phase of your start-up business as a way of creating substantial new value for the company. This process may involve securing patents or copyrights or protecting your trade secrets. Other start-up business consulting services that we offer cover business names, logos and similar branding techniques that can benefit from trademark protection. In Australia- copyright, patents, trademarks and trade secrets are protected by law and we will engage professional partners to assist with the necessary legal advice.


Capital Raising. Venture Capital

By providing access to deals, VCs and angel investing best practises including education and training tools, we offer opportunities for early-stage companies to present their business case for funds to a sophisticated and diverse network of VCs, high net worth individuals angel investors across Australia and internationally.


Other Services available for Start-ups

  • Strategic business planning
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market research
  • Marketing material development (including development of sales collateral)
  • Business Development
  • Supplier identification and/or qualification
  • Process and system development
  • Web site content
  • Technical writing
  • Customer information packets
  • Article writing
  • Presentation preparation
  • Other services available upon request.

Trusted Partners

We develop strong relationships with our clients and our partners. We strive to deliver value, improve performance and grow their business in Defence, Mining, Metals & Minerals, Oil & Gas and Industrial Manufacturing. In Australia or worldwide.

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