Protection and Commercialisation of IP

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Often (however, not always) – it is important to protect and commercialise the IP in an early-stage growth phase of your start-up business as a way of creating substantial new value for the company. This process may involve securing patents or copyrights or protecting your trade secrets. Other start-up business consulting services that we offer cover business names, logos and similar branding techniques that can benefit from trademark protection. In Australia- copyright, patents, trademarks and trade secrets are protected by law and we will engage professional partners to assist with the necessary legal advice.

Our approach to commercialising the intellectual property will vary but overall we have developed a successful multi-step model for the commercialisation of IP and innovation by linking a number of key steps:

  • Control ownership of the Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Validate the marketability of the IP through research
  • Align the IP with market expectations and take into account existing conditions
  • Plan multiple revenue streams for the IP through market segmentation; explore different business models
  • Ensure adequate production capability and financial ability to exploit the new products that incorporate the IP
  • Create shareholder wealth through commercial exploitation of the IP

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