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Logic Figures’ On-site Restructuring Services practice helps management and executives solve problems that can threaten a company’s value and business viability.

We work alongside your business leadership, lenders and other stakeholders to develop restructuring options to deal with critical issues concerning cash flow, profit and loss and the balance sheet.

Engaged at the early onset and immediately after performance issues become obvious and not a clear way forward, our services can assist you with the achievement of performance targets, to prevent the on-set of stress.

Our work involves assisting management and other executives to stabilise the business, maintain control, reorganise borrowings, rebuild performance and enhance profitability, improve competitiveness and build a stable platform for sustainable business growth. Our restructuring professionals draw on a portfolio of financial, sales & marketing, operational and management services experience.

  • Strategic business reviews: establishing a business’s current position, benchmarking its performance and developing strategies for improvement.
  • Business restructuring/planning: developing and executing robust business plans, building a platform for sustainable growth.

  • Performance improvement: benchmarking performance to improve profitability, rebuild value and enhance competitiveness.

  • Lender assistance: helping to maximise value to protect lenders’ exposures without destroying the business.

  • Stakeholder management and negotiation: strengthening stakeholder confidence in the business and its management.

  • Financing: assessing capital structures and reviewing debt and equity options.

  • Refinancing: managing and nurturing lender relationships to facilitate refinancing.

  • Cash and working capital management: providing practical, hands-on advice on all aspects of working capital management.

  • Cost reduction: targeted initiatives to identify areas of opportunity for cost reduction coupled with proven methodologies to achieve short-, medium- and longer-term outcomes.

  • Divestments: developing divestment strategies and executing them.

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