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Logic Figures is a boutique consultancy house that specialises in business reviews, renewals, transformations, and restructuring with a focus on high growth initiatives, international business trade, engineering (mechanical, electrical, software) management, strategic and tactical business planning, change & risk management, financial audits and reviews (including forensics accounting), governance, M&A, refinancing, equity origination.

Our business focuses on preparing and supporting companies to engage and deliver in more than 20 Industrial sectors such as Defence, Mining & Minerals Processing, Oil & Gas, Building & Construction, Manufacturing, through advice and capture planning.

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Logic Figures provides access to local and international expert advice and over 50 years of local (and global) experience within most Industrial and Heavy Industrial Sectors, which allows directors and senior managers to focus on day-to-day and strategic business operations. We are able to align your company capabilities to meet specific industries needs and requirements.

Why us?

  • High-level executive consulting team with more than 50 years combined experience in Finance, Marketing & Communications, Sales, Strategic Planning, Business Development and Growth Accelerators expertise, Operations and Manufacturing.

  • We don’t just “advise”, we also work with you and your team to design and develop processes and instructions as well as training your staff on how to apply them. We stay with you through the implementation process and fine-tune our approach to optimise an outcome suited for your organisation. We coach and assist in all facets of change management.

  • We do have the necessary expertise, experience and market knowledge that will allow your company to achieve its full potential.

  • We do not play “everywhere”. We specialize in industrial equipment and solutions (hardware and software) and very specific vertical markets.

  • Logic Figures has the ability to open up your company to local opportunities and it can also help companies play on a global scale.