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Logic Figures is involved in Business Transformations from defining the scope, timelines and objectives through the journey to delivering to your company. We pride ourselves with not only “advising” and “assisting” but we are also able to work “inside” your organisation to reshape its structure and we actively “hold your hand” throughout the process.

Logic Figures believes that in order to improve the odds of a successful SME business transformation, management needs to be prepared by going “all in” to kick-start performance and reshape the company’s product & services portfolio.

In our experience 100% fully committed transformations that continuously focus on the organisation’s performance and product portfolio management appear to tilt the balance in favour of transformational results. By developing these two complementary sets of business muscles, SMEs can aspire to flex them in a much-coordinated way, using performance improvements to carry them to the next set of product portfolio moves, which in turn creates momentum propelling the company to the next level.

How can we help you to define and implement Business Transformation?

It all starts with a strategy—without clear, big picture objectives and plans on how to get there, any business transformation is destined to fail. Period.

This strategy must also be very clearly disseminated to downstream individuals to make sure nothing is lost in translation, as a business transformation’s steps and processes shouldn’t be left open to interpretation.

Next comes identifying which capabilities are needed (or must be improved) to achieve those strategic goals. These are either things the company can’t or doesn’t do now at all (or very little), or areas that could use significant improvement or redirection. Logic Figures structures each capability along these seven lines:

  • Mission—Derived directly from the strategy, it’s the why, how and what of the capability.
  • Insights—How all information is gathered, stored and updated then communicated and used to drive decisions.
  • Incorporation—Rules, roles, and decision-making org chart and responsibility.
  • Processes—Effectively defined and efficiently designed to reach the desired outcomes.
  • Technology—What’s required for the future capability in terms of hardware, software, tools, and services.
  • HR—What skills and experience are needed for this capability to thrive, including allocating and upskilling existing staff and recruiting additional team members.
  • Delivery – How new and existing products and services are successfully accepted by the market and how to better provide support to key accounts and new clients

It’s not enough to respond to disruption anymore. Leaders have to anticipate and own disruption—with the agility and discipline that will help them differentiate and stay ahead. Without clear vision and strategy to shape the execution, business transformation initiatives can falter at even the most high-performing companies. These seven keys to unlocking transformation value, however, can help keep that from happening. The big idea is a simple one: maintain clear links among business strategy, transformation goals, and executional focus and discipline. Those links are essential for unlocking the value you are targeting through transformation. They can help you execute your design.

Logic Figures can provide the know-how to help SMEs support their (new and old) clients through the change.

In our experience 100% fully committed transformations that continuously focus on the organisation’s performance and product portfolio management appear to tilt the balance in favour of transformational results.

Logic Figures can assist your business with:

  • Management transformation
  • Organisational transformation
  • Information/data/digital transformation
  • Cultural transformation

Want to learn more about these keys to unlocking true value and explore some of the big transformation questions that you should consider now? Then we should talk. Our high-calibre- professionals help some of Australia’s leading SMEs successfully navigate big transformation challenges each and every day—taking a personalised approach to help position our clients for ongoing evolution. We have more than 25 years of strong results on business transformation, and we can help you start unlocking value that matters for your organisation.