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With vast experience in developing, creating and (successfully) launching and implementing many innovative (hardware and software) products in various organisations worldwide, Logic Figures is uniquely positioned to help you succeed with your IP and product.

We have the unique blend of skills, know-how and real-life/ hands-on product development experience that can enable entrepreneurs and leaders develop their next-level IP and future generation technologies while avoiding many of the traps found during a normal Stage-Gating Process. By applying our vast array tools, and knowledge we can help you accelerate your product path to market and reduce all unnecessary costs associated with lack of experience.

Our Product Development Services are:

  • Assisting with R&D plans
  • Help with the development of a proper Stage-Gate process
  • Defining Fit-Form-Function for your product and making sure it is suitable for the target markets
  • Assist with the development of budgets and business plans
  • Help with defining the (product’s) necessary features & benefits- both hardware and software
  • Defining minimum viable product(s) and variations
  • Assist in identifying and developing a beta-site
  • Prototyping products
  • Defining testing regimes and applicable standards
  • Helping with additional beta-sites and working through existing issues
  • Benchmarking against existing (competing) products
  • Help with product launch

We believe it is possible for SMEs to implement BPR in spite of the costs and resources that might be needed for it to be carried out effectively.

SMEs, especially those that have been in business for years should look into implementing BPR to cut costs and improve efficiency. They can consider a process-by-process approach to reduce the number of staff that will have to be diverted to work on their BPR implementation.

SMEs should not be put off by the costs that might be associated with BPR. It is possible to reengineer processes without a large outlay on investments. In other words, there can be cost savings without the need to make large sums of money available to a BPR project.