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Strategic Planning Consulting Services

Strategic planning involves long-term thinking for companies, determining the primary goals for the business over the next year or more. Instead of focusing on a single product or business segment, this type of planning looks at an entire organisation to progress toward a goal. Logic Figures helps with this planning process by offering strategic planning services for small businesses, SMEs, start-ups and government entities alike.

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Get the insight and direction you need to make the best decisions for your business to succeed. We have huge experience spanning many decades, multiple heavy industries and four continents as strategic planning consultants and advisors providing value to companies in Australia.

Professional Strategic Planning Services

Professional Strategic Planning Services

The ways strategic planning can help differs based on the business’s situation. The purpose of the exercise, the age of the organisation and the business market in which your company operates all play a role in the extent and content of these services.

Such factors can influence aspects like the frequency of meetings — for example, companies working in a rapidly changing field or market may require these types of planning sessions twice or three times per year.

Our team of strategic planning consultants has developed a deep understanding of how to help organisations develop successful strategies that deliver results. Through our consultative approach, we will identify opportunities in the market, untapped potential and challenges within your organisation and then provide recommendations to address them. We pride ourselves on quickly understanding organisations, their culture and the environment they’re in, as well as their needs so that we can recommend the most appropriate solutions. Strategy development should focus on what is happening now in your business, where your company should go and how to get there.

Strategic Planning in A Business

Logic Figures can help your company develop a strategy map and a balanced scorecard with perspectives, objectives, KPIs and milestones and help you implement them on all levels.

These strategic planning consulting sessions often occur in three parts:

  • Assessment: Determining how a business currently functions is the best way to start the strategic planning process, including every aspect of the business in the analysis.
  • Planning: This is the goal-setting part of the process, where the vision of the business is clarified, especially considering information brought up by the assessment step.
  • Execution: Finally, a quantifiable and realistic plan is set up using the information gathered from the assessment and planning sessions.

This process allows Logic Figures to help businesses work toward realistic goals and successfully plan for the future.

Strategic Planning in A Business

Benefits of Logic Figures’ Strategic Planning Services

  • Logic Figures’ strategic planning process helps organisations clarify their goals and start the process of working toward those goals in a meaningful manner. With our comprehensive methodology, businesses can benefit from:

  • Defined Goals: By clearly defining the organisation’s purpose, a business can more easily set goals and objectives to fulfil that purpose. This also allows businesses to define timeframes for implementation and ensure the organisation’s resources are being used in a manner that

  • Improved Communication: With clearly defined goals, companies establish a base level of understanding for their employees. Instead of nebulous ideas and ill-defined goals, employees can work with concrete objectives that are easy to quantify and understand. It also provides a basis for performance assessments, which can help motivate employees toward increased productivity. Communicate those goals and objectives to the organisation’s constituents.

  • Increased Satisfaction: The strategic planning process considers everyone’s opinions when defining the status and goals of an organisation. When it is finished, it results in defined goals for everyone involved. These two factors boost employee satisfaction immensely, as they increase the employees’ sense of agency and collaboration within the organisation.

  • These benefits are enhanced by the high-quality resources and best-practice solutions Logic Figures brings to the table. With personalized, hands-on approaches, Logic Figures guarantees unique solutions for every business, producing the best short-and medium-term and possible results.

Strategic alignment for your entire organisation

The Power of Strategic Alignment

  • Aligning your organisation toward a common goal has never been easier. Partner with us, and together we will chart a course toward your One Destination.

  • Corporate leaders and business owners agree that strategic alignment and buy-in are critical for success within leadership teams, key stakeholders, senior staff members, or Boards of Directors.

  • Strategic alignment means that your Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Actions are aligned such that your entire organisation from the top-down and bottom-up knows what they need to do to be successful.

  • Without strategic alignment, your team will have different priorities, everyone will move in different directions, and leaders will be forced to micromanage to extinguish fires, making it impossible to achieve your goals.

  • We call this the Multiple Target Trap. It limits your team’s potential, of you and your leadership team and leads to frustration and lower employee engagement.

  • Our team can lead you through a proven and professionally facilitated strategic planning process, designing strategic maps to help your team escape the Multiple Target Trap and align your team toward a clear Vision, Mission, Values, Goals and Actions which we call simply: Singular Destination.