Business Growth Services

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Most businesses have failed to determine how they will excel in their chosen markets.

Without this understanding, they are missing opportunities for growth, efficiency and happiness.
We understand that in the fast-paced environment of business today very few owners and executives make time to read, let alone develop, a plan. Most are wordy, unwieldy and uninspiring!
That is where our expertise will help your business to build a strategy that fits into a couple of succinct, powerful, purposeful and user-friendly pages.

Business Growth Services

Business Growth Specialists

Our proven strategic planning process is underpinned by the belief that to be ahead of the competition your business needs the following:

  • A clear and simple plan – supporting where the business wants to go;
  • An understanding of how you are going to win – in your chosen niche(s) or market(s);
  • A culture that is linked to the plan;
  • Clear, consistent and congruent language; and
  • A rhythm and platform – that allows your business to track and monitor the progress of the plan.

Business Growth Services

LOGIC FIGURES specializes in business growth services in Australia and the USA
Our business growth services bring clarity and stability to your business development solutions. Every business will benefit from business growth services.

Our business growth services in Australia are designed to help businesses of all sizes reach their full potential. Our team of experienced professionals understands the local market and can offer tailored advice on how to improve performance, develop strategic partnerships, and differentiate and establish your competitive edge. We specialize in providing services ranging from market analysis to implementing innovative marketing strategies and business development plans that will make your business stand out from the competition. So, no matter what growth stage your business is in, our experts are here to provide you with the support and assistance you need.

With decades of experience in management advisory and consulting and in-depth knowledge of the Australian market, we are the right partners you need to succeed in this very competitive environment.

The LOGIC FIGURES step-by-step process:

  • 1 – Comprehensive business assessment to identify where your business is at, what’s working, and provide a recommended path for improvement.

  • 2 – Long-term strategic planning that will detail long-term business goals and create benchmarks and communication plans throughout your company to ensure that your entire team is on the same page regarding acquisition integration consulting.

  • 3 – Strategy execution that ensures you reach your strategic goals through our support systems, responsive monitoring, and flexible strategy adaption.

  • 4 – Executive coaching & management training that ensures your entire management team is thoroughly trained to enforce and support your new business strategy initiatives through step-by-step learning solutions.

  • Our business growth services help small and medium-sized companies ranging from start-ups to well-established successful businesses.

  • We deliver expertly tailored growth-driven business strategy consulting.

  • We work directly with your team to develop, implement, and adjust your strategy based on your ultimate business goals.


  • Sales analysis & planning

  • Marketing analysis & planning

  • Operational analysis & planning

  • Organisational analysis & planning

  • Mergers & acquisition integration and support

  • Go-to-market strategies development, implementation, and support

The business growth services can provide a comprehensive sales analysis and planning solutions that identify and remove all obstacles in the path to sales success.

We specialize in sales process reviews and recommendations. Client, service and employee sales data analysis to drive decisions. Sales forecasting methodology and determining appropriate sales channels based on the business model.

The business growth services marketing analysis and planning services are about building, nurturing and growing relationships. We show you exactly where you’re connecting with your audience and how best to nurture those connections to deepen existing market presence, penetrate new markets and master the facets of a multi-channel marketing relationship.

We concentrate on marketing process reviews and recommendations. Review of current marketing results to re-align activities that drive ROI. Provide recommendations for revenue-generating initiatives. Drive marketing strategy and direct investments.

The business growth services operational and planning solutions examine the health of your current corporate practices and processes to identify any cracks in the foundation and help you build flexibility, strength, and effectiveness into those operations to compete in your market.

We focus on gap analysis and auditing. Process design and development. Process optimization and re-engineering. Cost reduction through strategic sourcing and procurement.

The business growth services organisational analysis and planning take stock of your company’s roles and responsibilities from the top down and creates a guideline for proper responsibility allocation to ensure employee morale and improved productivity. In addition to having the right people, they must be in the right places with the right morale and productivity mindsets.

We are business growth services specialists in organisational structure assessment and recommendations. Re-organisation or re-alignment of the organisational framework based on strategy and needs. Employee performance plan development and monitoring. Development of career growth paths, job descriptions and compensation plans.

Our business growth services mergers and acquisition integration and support services help you combine diverse corporate cultures, and organisational plans, consolidate overlapping functions and maintain overall team morale throughout the entire process.

Whether you’re acquiring or merging companies, the effective integration of two companies is both a challenge and a delicate matter. We specify company culture, processes, organisation, value and service offerings, and strategy & roadmap.

What makes LOGIC FIGURES’ business growth services unique is our integration of business growth services for your strategy, talent, and technology.