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Professional Business Planning Consultants in Australia

Logic Figures provides business planning strategies and consulting services for startups and established businesses in Australia. In addition, we provide customised operational, tactical and strategic planning solutions for Australian companies. Our team of experienced consultants will guide you through developing a successful strategy and assist you to implement it. Whether creating a new product line or developing new, expanding into another market, expanding overseas or generating sales and leads, we’ve got you covered.

Business planning is one of our core areas of expertise. Our team has extensive experience working with clients across all industries, including manufacturing, construction, tech, mining, defence and aerospace, agriculture, energy and government.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.

Operating without a strategic plan is like going through the motions. You operate at the moment but have no idea what’s coming and how to take advantage of the opportunities or how mitigate risks. You know what they say: You fail to plan; you plan to fail…

Strategic planning puts you in charge of your company’s destiny. It serves as a roadmap that defines the direction a business must travel, and that helps leaders prepare for potential roadblocks. Companies and markets without this foundation and foresight are far more likely to get lost, stuck, or wrecked. Because they are not prepared for what lies ahead.

When we advise our clients on the buy-side, we look at companies and their prospects. We expect to see a business plan that confirms their forward projections. Not having one, means that we have to develop one that always advantages the buyer.

Those clients that we advise on the (partial or complete) sale of their company are always prepared with a current proper business valuation and a strategic business plan and we insist those projections be used in any earnout structure (should that be part of the final agreement).

Professional Business Planning Consultants in Australia

Logic Figures has many years of experience in successfully developing outstanding investor-ready business plans that make an impact and get results.

What is an Investor-ready Strategic Business Plan?

Not all business plans are created equal. A plan for internal use will look radically different from the one you plan to submit to lenders. And one you will use to generate investor interest will be different still. If you will be sending your plan to potential investors, you need to tailor it to them. This is what is known as an “investor-ready” business plan.

An investor-ready business plan will tell venture capitalists, private equity funds, high net-worth individuals and other angel investors what they need to know to decide whether or not to invest in your company. To make your plan investor-ready, you will need to look at your plan through the eyes of the investors and address their concerns.

The investors, both VCs and angels, are risking their hard-earned capital by investing in your venture in the hope of long-term returns worth many times their original investment. They will want to see a well-executed, investor-ready plan that demonstrates that you have a clear mission. Here are some of the things we include in your investor-ready business plan:

Management. Investors invest in management — not ideas.

  1. We need to be able to capture your vision, knowledge, passion, and dedication to your business as best as we can. The competence of your team, along with their experience levels and their commitment levels, are factors that investors look into before making their investment decisions. The existing structure and how it will look in the future
  2. Your product or service. We need to capture all the details (technical/IP/commercial) in detail about the product or the services you are or will offer.
  3. Addressable market
  4. We need to be able to showcase to your potential investors that you understand the market for your product or service, know the needs and requirements of your customers, and can meet these needs.
  5. Marketing plan. This section will outline your sustainable competitive advantage to your investors. You need to assure them that you will succeed where others have failed. Include a definitive description of your customers, market size, demographics, characteristics, growth prospects, trends, and sales potential per product or service category.
  6. Pricing strategies and product positioning and describe how pricing will influence the growth potential of each product or service. We will include future growth, market share, and trend influences.
  7. SWOT and Pestle Analysis
  8. Barriers to entry. The barriers to entry section outline your business strategy to keep your competitors at bay and grow in the market. Investors need to feel comfortable about the soundness of your strategy before they invest in your venture.
  9. Competitors analysis
  10. Existing (past 3 years if the business existed that long) and 3-5 years (minimum) forecast. This is where a lot of companies struggle. Because their financials are not really to the standard where they need to be. And worse still, the vision, knowledge, and passion (see point 1 above) seldom align with the financials. Past financial results and future forecasts need to perfectly align.
Investor-ready Strategic Business Plan

Remember – institutional investors may receive 100 business plans for each company they actually invest in.

So getting investors is not that easy. But we can help you get there. So your Business Plan stands out from the crowd and you have the best chance of being noticed and attracting the investment you need.