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The Logic Figures team is dedicated to providing a high-end, focussed, reliable, and professional consulting and advisory service as a “one stop business consultancy solution” for tech-driven SMEs playing in the verticals we serve. Our business consultancy is built on experience, strong business foundations, structure, ethics and principles. We understand our success equals your success and we pride ourselves in unlocking exceptional value to our customers. If we accept an assignment, it means we believe we can deliver outstanding results for you. That is our commitment.

Specialist Accounting Services

We offer competent experience (gained in industrial engineering sectors) delivering a complete range of basic and highly advanced accounting services including forensic accounting. We also assist privately owned organisations or ASX listed companies to prepare quality management accounting reports to meet Board and statutory reporting standards.


Advisory and Corporate Boards

Logic Figures assists small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs/SMBs) to set up Advisory Boards in order to (a) gain access to high-level advice and (b) create a professional structure to support the practice of good governance.


Business Process Improvement

Logic Figures offers comprehensive business process improvement techniques and employs lean, 5S and 6 sigma methodologies. Our approach is to work with the CEO and the Board to reduce costs, improve quality and increase throughput.


Marketing Services

We offer advanced top-level marketing and communication services to unlock value and drive exponential growth through personalised branding, the development of strategic marketing plans, social media campaigns, e-marketing, focused advertising, and engaging messages to your target audience.


Strategic Sales & New Business Development Services

We assist companies with the development of strategic sales plans, help with the selection and implementation of CRMs (Customer Relationship Management software – pipeline management), provide tailored sales and BDM training, assist with the development of sales budgets and KPIs, sales performance management, implementation of sales lifecycle programs, assistance with conducting negotiations and dealing with tenders and other commercial contracts.


HR Services

We provide business process and systems enhancement, including personalised guidance and compliance matters throughout the employment lifecycle to nurture your precious team.


Leadership Services

Our leadership mentoring services offered are designed to help business owners, GMs, or CEOs substantially reduce the risks associated with business growth and expansion. Whilst the ability to attract talented full-time executives is difficult for many organisations, our team has the experience and necessary skills to assist you to successfully achieve growth and sustainable profitability.


Engineering Consulting Services

Logic Figures offers a comprehensive range of engineering consulting services as well as global sourcing and procurement (of products and services). Our bespoke services cover mechanical, electrical, electronics, robotics, software, and communications engineering.


Productisation Services

Logic Figures assists businesses with the productisation of their services by implementing a standardised method of creating, producing, and distributing a new productised offering and by packaging solutions for your customers, and adding/creating an additional standard offering.


Product Development

We assist companies with the development of R&D plans and a proper Stage-Gate process; assist with defining Fit-Form-Function for your product and making sure it is suitable for the target markets; help with the development of budgets and business plans, defining the (product’s) necessary features & benefits- both hardware and software and minimum viable product(s) and variations; assisting in prototyping products, defining testing regimes and applicable standards, benchmark against competing products, and identifying and developing a beta-site as well as helping with the product launch.


Trusted Partners

We develop strong relationships with our clients and our partners. We strive to deliver value, improve performance and grow their business in Defence, Mining, Metals & Minerals, Oil & Gas and Industrial Manufacturing. In Australia or worldwide.

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