The mining industry is booming in Australia. Between 2019 and 2020, the mining sector was responsible for 10.4% of national GDP. It is more than 1/10th of the total economy. If you have a hefty investment and are looking to get into the game, you have to win mining contracts among giant competitors.

To win your bid for a mining contract in Australia, you have to maintain a holistic approach. Authorities will pick who they think is the best and the cheapest. But you have all the tools to convince them. You have to show them your previous works with proper documentation, offer a competitive price and lastly, your bid writing must be top-notch and stand above all others.

How to Position Yourself to Win Contracts In Mining (For SMEs- Small and Medium Businesses) in Australia

Winning mining contracts also partly depends on luck, but mostly on your plan of approach and presentation. Many disregard the value of appropriate bid writing and this does not end up well. You have to emphasize equally each of these aspects. To figure out how your approach should be to win a mining contract in Australia and why exactly you need skillful writing, keep on reading.

How Can You Win Mining Tender Bids in Australia?

Proper understanding of the demands, your capabilities, and your sincerity is of utmost importance to win tender bids. There are some key things you need to maintain bit by bit to come out on top. Following are the ways to stand a good chance of winning mining tenders in Australia:

  1. Long Term Approach

When authorities evaluate the tender bids, they tend to expect a long-term service from the bidders rather than just contractors for one project. You need to discuss the improvement process with the authorities freely and convince them about delivering promising service. You will also have to make sure that your service will be consistent throughout.

Another way to a long-term approach is to scrutinize the project for any potential flaws in their plan. Once you figure it out, you can discuss it with the authorities and demonstrate how you plan to deal with it. This will show off your discretion to the right party and the chance of winning the mining tender shall increase.

  1. Detail Previous Experience

Prior experience in the relevant sector is paramount to win any tender bids. In the mining sector, the importance is even more. They will ask you to discuss your previous work field and what you delivered there. If you don’t have any prior experience, there is a chance that the authorities will not even consider your bid.

There is a lot more to offer than just mentioning your previous work. You can make a list of your previous projects, what were the requirements, what adversities you faced, and how you overcame them. This is an effective way to convince the authorities of your proficiency and skill and win the tender.

  1. Provide Proper Documentation

Make sure everything you provide has proper documentation. Follow proper formatting and valid information about everything you need to submit. Your response must be accurate and up to the mark to attract the attention of the officials.

Being meticulous about necessary documents is not only for the sake of the procedure, it also shows that you are systematic and sincere about your approach. So, the entire project is likely to be benefited due to your diligence and you have a higher chance of winning the contract.

  1. Follow the Instructions Properly

Follow every bit of instructions before submitting your papers. Do not attach documents that are not needed. Read the instructions first and find out what they want. Provide the required documents only and nothing else. Be subtle but detailed.

Look for the word counts and formatting, don’t exceed the word limit, and avoid redundancy.

  1. Make Sure Your Price is Competitive

No matter what you offer, you will only be selected if your price is the lowest. So, make sure the price you offer is competitive and balanced out with what you offer. You need to keep your profit margin narrow if the competition is high. Research what’s the standard bid for the job and try to estimate what your competitors are likely to offer.

Judging from that, fix a price that is the most likely to win the bid. If you do everything precisely, you can be optimistic about winning the contract. 

Should You Hire a Professional Bid Writer to Win Mining Contracts?

Yes, you should hire competent professionals for this job. Writing is not a thing for everybody. No matter your linguistics or knowledge about the business, the two hardly come together.

In the case of professional bid writers, these two things have come together and that is the reason they are professionals. Here is why you should hire professional bid writers to win mining contracts:

●    Finding the Requirements

Since you are reading this, I reckon you are a new player in this sector. So naturally, a tender can seem very confusing to you. Lines after lines of requirements, instructions, questions, etc. can be very puzzling for you to figure out how to approach. Without properly understanding the requirement, you might lose the bid.

Going through the requirements and finding out the gist of it is the job of a professional bid writer. A competent writer has already worked through hundreds of similar tenders and knows what exactly is the demand from your company.

●    Proper Reviewing

No matter if you write the best tender bid in existence, the chances of mistakes persist. Tender bids are long and intricate. Even the best writer needs another set of experienced eyes to review the writing. That is why Professional writers or writing agencies hire proofreaders because it’s likely to make gross mistakes after completing a write-up due to exhaustion.

Professional bid writers review the writing multiple times by different individuals. In fact, most of them have experienced reviewers who are both experts in writing mining bids to go through the tender application and find out the smallest mistakes.

●    Determining Compliance

Professional bid writers not only write tenders but they are also like consultants. This means that tender writers can easily understand what type of company, or what your company needs to fulfill the contracts. You may have some confusion but their depth of knowledge in this sector is enough to clear that up.

Professional bid writers can make informed decisions on your behalf whether to bid or not. There’s no point in making a bid that will be too hard for you to complete. Professional writers can make sure of that.

●    Following up the Submission

There can be a certain period between submission and the result. The time is usually exceedingly long. If you are new to it, you may not even know that results have been published. Knowing when the results will come out, where to look, and what to do in case you are rejected are parts of the tendering process.

Professional writers know what to do in such cases. Most of the time, they keep track of the submission, let you know the results, and guide you about what to do next as a part of their service.


To win mining contracts in Australia, a meticulous and long-term plan is the key. You must look beyond what you can see. This goes for winning any tenders in any part of the world. Also, a quick reminder, don’t undermine the importance of quality bid writing.


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